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Tiiny Host is a simple tool to upload and host your PDF online. Sharing your PDF online can be complicated. With Tiiny Host, simply drag & drop your PDF document and we'll generate a unique link for you to share your PDF file in seconds. Upload it once & share infinitely to viewers all over the world with one simple link!

How to host your PDF in 3 simple steps

1. Drag and drop your PDF

Drag & drop or browse & select the PDF file you would like to host & share.

2. Enter a link name

Enter a name for the link where your PDF will be shared, or you can leave this blank.

3. Click launch

Click launch and that's it! Your PDF is now hosted online to share to the world.


What else is there?

πŸ“‚ Drag And Drop Upload

No need for any hosting knowledge, simply drag & drop your PDF file.

πŸ”’ Password Protect PDFs

Secure your PDFs by easily adding a password to restrict viewers.

πŸ€‘ Low cost

Tiiny Host is a static hosting tool which means its very cheap to host your PDF regardless of how large it is or number of viewers.

⚑ Fast Worldwide

We run on Amazon Web Services allowing your visitors to access your PDF very quickly wherever they are in the world.

πŸ†“ Free Web Address

There's no need to own your web address. You can share your PDF on our tiiny.site address (e.g. mypdf.tiiny.site).

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§οΈ Reliable

Built upon Amazon Web Services, Tiiny Host provides a very reliable service to share your PDF.

Easier to host than
Popular PDF hosting providers

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Useful use cases

Examples of PDF documents you can host

E-Books & Digital Magazines

Share rich multimedia PDFs online for readers across the world.

Important documents

Securely share important PDF documents through our password protection feature.

Slides & Presentations

Upload PDF decks to hand out to clients or present yourself.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to share a PDF as a link?

It's very easy to share a PDF file as a link. Simply drag & drop your PDF file, click "Launch" and a link will be automatically generated for you. Tiiny Host will upload your PDF online and present it in a cross-browser compatible PDF viewer. You can also pick your own name for the link that you would like to share.

What is PDF Hosting?

PDF hosting is the process of uploading your PDF document online to the internet. This means that it is no longer only stored on your computer but now also stored on a server. Because it is stored on a server, anyone can view the PDF if they have a link to the hosted PDF. This allows you to quickly & easily share your PDF document to as many people as you want across the world. Instead of emailing your PDF individually to each recipient, you can upload it once using Tiiny Host and simply share the link to whomever you want to view the PDF document. It's quick and easy.

Can I password protect my PDF?

Yes you definitely can. If you are unable to password-protect the PDF itself, you can password-protect your PDF link. This means that when anyone tries to access the link, they will be asked to enter the password set by you to view the PDF. This is critical for sensitive documents shared online because they can usually be accessed by anyone who has the link. However if you password protect the link, then even if someone finds your link, they will not be able to view the PDF until the correct password has been entered.

Can I host my PDF on my own domain?

Yes, you can host & share your PDF on your web address and domain. For example, you could upload & share your PDF document to mypdf.myagency.com. This would have no effect on your main website. The advantage of this is maintaining your brand whilst sharing your PDF files online. Visitors are also more likely to trust and open PDFs shared with your website name. Its a short two-step process to configure & connect your web address to Tiiny Host.

Where are the PDF documents stored?

We are built upon the industry standard Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and transmit all data using end-to-end SSL encryption. This means your data is in a reliable and safe location only viewable by users who have the link. If you would like further protection, you can password-protect the link.

Is this compatible with all devices?

Yes. Once your PDF file is uploaded it can be viewed on any device. Your PDF file is presented through a cross-browser and mobile compatible PDF viewer. This means that it can be viewed on any device (mobile, desktop or tablet) and in any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer etc.).

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