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When it comes to sending your resume to prospective employers, modern job seekers have more options than the traditional envelope stuffing of yesteryear. Leverage Tiiny Hosts in-built analytics to optimise your resumé for employers based on real-time metrics.

How to share your resumé In 3 easy steps

1. Drag and drop your PDF resumé

Drag and drop the PDF resumé that you want to share.

2. Name your resumé link

Name the link you want to share your PDF resumé under.

3. Share With Recruiters

Click “launch” and that’s it! Your PDF resumé is ready to share with recruiters and agencies!


What else is there?

🔗 Personalised link

Say goodbye to random URLs. Choose your own unique and memorable link-name to share your resumé using a personalised URL.

📂️ Drag & Drop

Sharing your resumé couldn’t be easier. All you have to do with Tiiny Host is drag and drop your PDF resumé.

📊 Analytics

Automatically track and analyse who's viewing your CV or Resume

🔒 Password protection

Keep your resume private by restricting access with a password.

🆓 Free To Use

Use us for free, no need to subscribe to a paid plan to share your resumé.

⚙️ Reliable

Built upon Amazon Web Services, Tiiny Host provides a very reliable service to share your resumé.

Easier to share your resumé than popular hosting providers



3 types of resumés you can share on Tiiny Host

Chronological Order Resumé

The traditional resumé and the one we’ve all been using since school. Work experience and education are typically listed chronologically on chronological resumes.

Skills Based Resumé

Focus on the abilities and qualities that employers in your specific industry value. If you’re an engineer or technical professional then this might be the CV format that recruiters want you to use.

Combination Resumé

You guessed it from the name. This approach see’s you combine the strengths of the aforementioned 2. You might use fonts and comments to highlight specific sought after skills throughout the document.


How to share your resumé PDF as a link with a recruiter

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In today’s competitive job market, having a unique and eye-catching résumé is more critical than ever. What better way to stand out than by creating your own professional résumé website?...

How To Share A PDF As A Link

Why would you want to create link to a pdf? Great question! It’s very common to share a PDF via email. However, that requires the recipient to download and save the PDF to view it. It’s also difficult to share a PDF to a large audience (100+) through email...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share my CV?

Simply upload your CV to Tiiny Host and set a custom link-name. Your CV will be hosted online for free, now you can copy the link and start sending your CV to employers.

What should I say when sharing my CV?

In general, your subject email line should include the words "Resumé" or "CV," as well as your name and the job title for which you're applying. Before pasting the CV’s link, make sure to introduce and ask the employer to check your CV later.

Is it okay to share your CV with others?

It is perfectly acceptable to share information with friends, colleagues, and people within your organization. It's not like they can copy your skills and accomplishments from your resumé.

Where can I advertise my CV?

To increase your chances of being noticed by an employer, you should share your resumé on an online job posting website such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, GlassDoor, etc.

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