How to host your own website

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Host your own website

Tiiny Host is a simple tool to host your own website. Website hosting can often be complicated, requiring you to own a domain, understand DNS settings or navigate complicated control panels. With Tiiny Host, simply drag & drop your web files, enter a memorable subdomain and click launch!

How to host your website in 3 simple steps

1. Prepare your website files

If you have multiple files to upload, compress them into a single zip file. Your zip file must include an index.html file.

2. Upload your Zip or HTML file

Go to and upload your zip file or a single HTML file.

3. Pick a subdomain & launch

Enter a custom subdomain name you want and click launch. That's it!


What else is there?

πŸ“‚ Drag And Drop Upload

No need for any web hosting knowledge, simply drag & drop your web files.

βœ… Easy to update

It's as easy to update as it is to create. Just drag & drop your updated website files.

πŸ€‘ Low cost

Tiiny Host is a static web hosting tool which means its very cheap to host your website.

⚑ Fast

We run on Amazon Web Services allowing your visitors to access your website very quickly.

πŸ†“ Free domain

There's no need to own your domain. You can host your website on a custom subdomain such as

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§οΈ Reliable

Built upon Amazon Web Services, Tiiny Host provides a very reliable service to host your own website.

Easier to host than
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Useful use cases

Examples of websites you can host

Website for a small business

Easily host a website for your small business in seconds.

A profile webpage

Present yourself online by hosting a webpage about yourself.

Portfolio website

Present your work online by hosting your own website.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is website hosting?

Once you have built your website, you need to "host" it somewhere so that people can visit it. Website hosting is the process of uploading the files you have created for your website to a remote server so that anyone on the web can visit your site. The remote server runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and "serves" your website files to visitors when they request to see your webpage. There are many tools available to host your own website but Tiiny Host is by far the simplest.

Can I host my website for free?

Hosting a website is generally not free. To you host a website you require a webserver which has running costs. Tiiny Host offers a 7 day free trial to experience how easy it is to host your own website. After the 7 day trial, you can upgrade to one of Pro subscription plans.

How can I make a website?

You can code your own website using HTML & JavaScript. There are many tutorials on the web that teach how to create your own website using HTML. Alternatively, you can use a "website builder" which provides an easy-to-use interface and will output HTML code for you.

How can I host a website on my own domain?

Firstly, you need to buy the domain from a service such as GoDaddy or Namecheap. Once you have purchased your domain, you can easily link to a site that you have hosted. You can do this by adding a couple of CNAME records to you domain DNS settings. Tiiny Host provides a step-by-step guide to conect your domain to your hosted website.

How can you host your own website server?

You can host your own website server by using tools such as the Apache HTTP Server. This will allow you to use your own computer as a web server. You will need to configure your computer to open specific ports to the internet. Your website will only be online as long as your computer is running. Alternatively, you can simply drag & drop your web files onto Tiiny Host in seconds.

Host your own website