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The HTML Viewer by Tiiny Host offers a convenient solution for developers looking to quickly preview and validate their web pages. This intuitive tool provides real-time rendering of your HTML code, alongside error detection and compliance checks against web standards. Enhance your coding workflow, improve user experiences, and elevate your site's SEO with our comprehensive feedback. The HTML Viewer is your go-to for a seamless development process, enabling you to see immediate changes and adjustments. Experience the efficiency of HTML Viewer for a more dynamic web development journey.

👍 Copy & Paste

Instantly render your HTML code in our viewer. Just copy & paste your code, no programming skills required.

🛠️ Integrated Validator

Ensure your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code is error-free and standards-compliant.

🧑‍💻️ Works with JavaScript & CSS

View HTML sites with JS & CSS code.

How to View Your Previewed HTML Code

After previewing your HTML code, publish it in three simple steps

1. Click Publish

We'll automatically convert your code into a HTML file

2. Enter a link name (optional)

Enter a link name to customize the subdomain of your URL

3. Publish & Share

Hit Publish to share a unique link showcasing your HTML in action

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Ideal Use Cases

See how our HTML viewer can be applied

Instant Previews

See how your HTML page looks on an actual server instantly.

Quick Prototyping

Share HTML prototypes quickly with team members or clients.

Embedding Content

Easily add and preview embedded content like YouTube videos or iframes in your HTML page.


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Frequently asked questions

What is HTML viewer used for?

A HTML viewer is a tool used for previewing HTML code as it would appear in a web browser, without the need to upload the code to a live server. It offers instant visualization of changes, helps in detecting errors, ensures web standards compliance, and aids in the debugging process. This tool is essential for developers and designers to streamline their workflow, test prototypes, and improve the quality of web pages.

How do I see what my HTML code looks like?

You can view your HTML code by copying it and pasting it into the editor above. The right-hand side is a HTML viewer which will show you what your HTML looks like

How can I view an HTML file?

You have several options to view a HTML file. If you have the Google Chrome web browser installed them you can simply just double-click on the file to open it. You can also navigate to and drag & drop your HTML file to publish it online as a link. Lastly, you can copy and paste the code from the HTML file into our editor above

How do you Visualise HTML?

To visualize your HTML simply copy your HTML code and paste it into the relevant section above in the HTML editor above. Our tool will automatically visualize your HTML on the right-hand side.

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