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Zip site web hosting

Tiiny Host is the best simple and easy to use free web hosting tool. Simply upload a zip file with your static files (HTML, css, jpeg, png etc.) to publish it in seconds. Get your website on Google and the internet with a few clicks.

How to host your zip website Publish your website in 3 steps

1. Zip Static Files

First, zip all your static files into a zip file. Your zip file must include an index.html file.

2. Upload Zip File

Head over to and upload your zip file.

3. Launch

Enter a subdomain name you want and click launch!


What else is there?

πŸ€‘ Free to use

Upload your zip site for free and share it with the world.

πŸ‘ Easy to use

No knowledge of hosting or any other tools such as git required. Simply drag & drop your zip file to upload.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§οΈ Reliable

Built upon popular AWS which is designed to be running 99.99% of the time.

Easier to host than
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Examples of zip file websites

Perfect for

Testing templates

HTML templates are usually downloaded as zip files. Simply drag & drop the template zip on tiiny host to test it out.

Codepen exports

Codepen and similar tools allow you to export projects as a zip file. When you just want to show off the result, simply export the zip and upload it on tiiny host.

Hosting sites built with a website builder

Website builders such as Brizy or Webflow are perfect for designing your site. Once you're ready to show it off, download it as a zip and upload it to tiiny host in a few clicks. You can even link your custom domain with it.


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Zip site website hosting