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Sharing your PDF online and gathering analytics can be complicated. With Tiiny Host, all you have to do is drag and drop your PDF and we'll generate a unique link for you to share your file in seconds. Use Tiiny Host's built in PDF analytics to easily track how many times your file's been opened, how long your audience has spent admiring your work, the source of your traffic and unique visitors. PDF analytics enable you to optimise your content and intuitively map it to your client's needs. This ultimately drives a better experience for them and a greater return on investment for you.

How to gather PDF analytics Upload your PDF in 3 steps

1. Drag & drop your PDF

Drag & drop or browse and select the PDF file you want to gather analytics for.

Enter a link name

Enter a name for the link where your PDF will be shared, or you can leave this blank.

3. Launch

Click launch and that's it! Your PDF is now hosted online to share to the world and collecting analytics.


What else is there?

⚑ Speed

We run on Amazon Web Services meaning your PDFs load faster, much faster. Your visitors can access your PDF in seconds, resulting a better user experience and more traffic.


Built in PDF analytics mean you can optimise your content based on data such as clicks and dwell time. Gain insights that will boost organic traffic without the need for pesky APIs.

πŸ€‘ Low cost

Our PDF analytics are built in to our service, meaning there's no installation or third party app. This results in significantly cheaper access to quality data, even at scale.

πŸ”’ Security

Your PDF analytics are permissions based and accessible only from your personal dashboard. No backend servers and password protection offers an added layer of security for those fearing cyber attacks and plagiarism.

🧘 Simple deployments

Publish your PDF and gather analytics in less than 30 seconds. No server configuration or APIs free up more time for you to create valuable content and focus on your clients.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§οΈ Reliability

Pre-rendered pages result in a more consistent user experience and significantly less downtime. That means your free to collect more data and generate greater insights.

Easier PDF analytics than
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Use cases include:

Examples of PDF documents you can gather analytics for

Landing Pages & Product Catalogs

FINALLY understand what's truly driving your conversions by effortlessly collecting linger time, clicks and download counts for your landing pages and product catalogs.

E-Books & Digital Magazines

Seamlessly collect analytics and understand which chapters and articles your audience enjoy the most! Free up time to focus on your writing by saying goodbye to a heavy, bloated CMS like Wordpress.

Design & Art Portfolios

Upload your design or art portfolio and use PDF analytics to understand your audience dwell time. Thereby allowing you to generate designs and art based on their preferences.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are PDF analytics?

Just like web analytics, PDF analytics are a means of tracking key performance indicators for your PDFs.

How do I generate PDF analytics?

That's the best part! You don't have to! Just drag and drop your PDF and we do all the hard work for you. Analytics are included with all of our Pro and Agency accounts and are easily accessible with a single click in your dashboard.

What PDF analytics does Tiiny Host Collect?

We've taken great care to focus on those analytics that will drive the most value for our customers. Our built in PDF analytics track the following metrics: 1. Clicks - how many times someone has clicked on your PDF. 2. Dwell time - how long your audience has spent viewing your PDF. 3. Unique visitors - no double accounting! Each visitor is only registered once. 4. Traffic source - we track popular social media platforms and direct link clicks.

Why are analytics important?

"If you can't measure it you can't improve it." - Peter Drucker. Whether you create graphic designs, e-books, digital magazines or blog posts, good content takes time to produce. Analytics are the best way to ensure that you're generating the best return on investment for your time and effort. By understanding your user behaviour you can double down on success and fathom what they truly want. This means more eyes on your content.

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