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It would be pointless to optimize a PDF if there are no simple options to share it with the world. Especially when PDFs can be opened on any device, giving you access to more audiences. For this reason, Tiiny Host is the perfect tool to upload and share your files.

Share your PDF in 3 easy steps

1. Drag and drop your PDF

Drag and drop the PDF that you want to share.

2. Name your design

Name the link you want to share your PDF under.

3. Share

Click “launch” and that’s it! Your PDF is ready to share with the world!


What else is there?

⚡️ Fast Worldwide

Tiiny Host runs on Amazon Web Services, so visitors can access your PDF export from anywhere in the world.

🧘‍♂️ Simple Drag & Drop Control Panel

Just drag & drop your PDF, you can upload your files in less than 20 seconds.

🤑 Low Cost

Tiiny Host is a static hosting service, which means it doesn't cost much to host your PDF regardless of its size or number of viewers.

🔒 Password Protect PDFs

Protect your PDFs easily by adding a password to limit who can view them.

🆓 Free Web Address

It is not necessary to own your web address. You can share your PDF at

👨‍🔧 Reliable

Built upon Amazon Web Services,Tiiny Host offers very dependable service for sharing your PDF.

Easier To Host Than
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PDF use cases you can upload with Tiiny Host

CVs & Portfolios

Showcase your talents, and promote yourself. You can easily send a link of your CV or publicise your CV for more job opportunities.

Digital Catalogue / EBook

Publish fast, distribute faster and never worry about version control.

Important Documents

Share copies of your important documents in private. With a simple toggle, you can password protect your documents. Only gather feedback from those you have chosen.


Still confused about sharing your PDF?

How To Share A PDF As A Link

Why would you want to create link to a pdf? Great question! It’s very common to share a PDF via email. However, that requires the recipient to download and save the PDF to view it. It’s also difficult to share a PDF to a large audience (100+) through email...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share a PDF?

Simply head to Tiiny Host and drop us your PDF files. You can name the link and have them shared in 20 seconds!

How do I share a PDF without downloading it?

After you received or created a PDF online, you can drag it into our upload box and drop the file. Without needing to download it beforehand, Tiiny Host can still share the PDF for you.

How can I host a PDF online?

If you are still unsure about hosting a PDF, let Tiiny Host do the job! All you have to do simply is drop us your PDF and set the link name you want!

Can you share a PDF as a link?

Absolutely yes! Not only can you share as a link, but you can also custom link names with Tiiny Host! Try uploading your PDF for free!

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