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Tiiny Host is the best fit for marketing your real estate listings and getting the desired results. Save your sales team time and resource by using a single dashboard and optimise for your buyers using our automatic analytics.

💰 Boost Conversion Rates

Use the built-in PDF analytics in Tiiny Host to easily track how many times your file has been opened, how long your audience has spent admiring your property, the source of your traffic and unique visitors.

🔍 Learn More About Your Buyers

PDF analytics allow you to optimize your content and intuitively map it to the needs of your clients. This results in a better experience for them as well as a higher return on investment for you.

⚡️ Fast Worldwide

Tiiny Host runs on Amazon Web Services, so visitors can access your PDF export from anywhere in the world.

📂 Manage Your Files

Manage all your project files through one, easy-to-use dashboard. Where you can update, achieve or even delete your files!

🧘‍♂️ Easy To Do

In less than 30 seconds, you can publish your PDF or host a website. No knowledge of Git or CMD line required.

⏳ Unlimited Sharing

Advertise your property for as long as you want with our Pro Plan. In case you don’t need permanent hosting, we can host with no fee needed for up to 7 days!

Advertise your property listing

In 3 easy steps

1. Drag and drop a PDF of your property details

Drag and drop the PDF of the property details that you want to advertise.

2. Name your property

Name the link you want to advertise your property details under.

3. Share With Prospective Buyers

Click “launch” and that’s it! Your property details are now ready to share with buyers and across all your advertising channels!

Easier to advertise and share property details with than



3 tips for advertising property details

Social Media

Use every opportunity to promote your home online. So choose the platform that is best suited to your target audience.

Digital Open Houses

A virtual open house that you can attend. It is an illustration of "A-Commerce," a technique for enhancing the shopping experience through the use of augmented reality.

Targeted Marketing

Treat each of your customers as an individual with unique needs and desires rather than as a group.


Generate a link that you can advertise across social media platforms

How To Share A PDF As A Link

Why would you want to create link to a pdf? Great question! It’s very common to share a PDF via email. However, that requires the recipient to download and save the PDF to view it. It’s also difficult to share a PDF to a large audience (100+) through email...

Frequently asked questions

How do I advertise a property to rent?

Tiiny Host offers you 2 good ways to advertise: share information online using PDF files or deploy your website.

How do I advertise my property on Rightmove?

You must be an estate agent, lettings agent, or new homes developer to advertise UK properties for sale or rent on Rightmove. You must also meet certain requirements.

How do I advertise my flat?

Simply create a PDF about your flat and publish it with Tiiny Host. Now you can share the link with anyone or upload it to social media.

Start advertising your property for free!