Cost Effective PDF Storage And Cataloguing

Store your PDF with Tiiny Host

Store and catalogue all your PDFs

PDFs are used for pretty much everything these days, so storing them should be easy. Tiiny Host is a simple and efficient way to store and catalogue your PDFs online. Easily and instantly upload your PDFs to your very own hosted URL and access them anywhere.

📂 Drag & Drop Storage

No need for any hosting knowledge, simply drag & drop your PDF file to begin storing it.

🔒 Password Protect PDFs

Secure your stored PDFs by easily adding a password to restrict viewers.

🤑 Low Cost PDF Storage

Tiiny Host is a static hosting tool which means its very cheap to store your PDF regardless of how large it is or the number of viewers.

⚡ Fast Worldwide

We run on Amazon Web Services allowing your visitors to access your stored PDF very quickly wherever they are in the world.

🆓 Free Web Address

There's no need to own your web address. You can store your PDF on our address (e.g.

👨‍🔧️ Reliable

Built upon Amazon Web Services, Tiiny Host provides a very reliable service to store your PDF.

Store your PDF in 3 simple steps

1. Drag and drop the PDF you want to store

Drag & drop or browse & select the PDF file you would like to store.

2. Enter a link name

Enter a name for the link where your PDF will be stored, or you can leave this blank.

3. Click “launch”

Click launch and that's it! Your PDF is now stored online!

Tiiny Host Is Easier To Store PDFs With Than




Examples of PDF documents you can store with Tiiny Host

E-Books And Digital Magazines

Store rich multimedia PDFs online for readers across the world.

Important Documents

Securely store important PDF documents through our password protection feature.

Slides And Presentations

Store PDF decks to hand out to clients or present yourself.


Useful PDF Storage Resources

How To Share A PDF As A Link

Why would you want to create link to a pdf? Great question! It’s very common to share a PDF via email. However, that requires the recipient to download and save the PDF to view it. It’s also difficult to share a PDF to a large audience (100+) through email...

Frequently asked questions

Where Can I Store My PDF Files?

Right here on Tiiny Host. Simply drag and drop the PDF you want to store into our upload box and you’re good to go. Your PDF is now securely stored and you can even enhance your PDF storage with 1-click password protection and PDF cataloguing.

Does PDF Take Storage?

Absolutely, PDFs can consume A LOT of your computer’s internal storage. The amount they take up is determined by the size of the PDF. Because PDFs can include text, images and links they can rapidly grow in size. Scanned PDFs can be absolutely humongous in their file sizes. You can store all of them with Tiiny Host by simply zipping them up. We’ll then automatically arrange them into stored and catalogues collections for you.

How Many PDF Pages Is A GB?

This completely depends on the contents of the PDF. The answer will vary wildly depending on whether it’s a text only PDF or if it contains media. Some scanned PDF documents can be absolutely humongous.

Store Your PDFs In Less Than 60 Seconds