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The easiest hosted LMS ever

Designing your e-learning course is hard, so hosting your LMS should be easy. Tiiny Host is a simple and efficient way to publish and catalogue your e-learning content. Easily and instantly share your e-learning course with your audience.

📂 Drag And Drop Upload

You don’t need to configure any servers or fuss around with domain records. Simply drag and drop your zipped e-learning PDFs and we do the rest.

🔒 Password Protect Your e-learning courses

Secure your e-learning PDFs by adding a password with 1 click. This allows you to segment your e-learning courses.

🤑 Low Cost Hosted LMS

We host your LMS statically, which means it’s very cheap to manage your e-learning PDFs, regardless of the file size or number of students.

⚡ Fast Hosted LMS

We run on Amazon Web Services, which allows you to alter your hosted LMS in seconds, where ever you are in the world.

🆓 Free Hosted LMS Web Address

You can host your LMS on our address for free if you want, even picking the name to maintain brand continuity. Already have a domain? No problem, our technical team will help you connect it over a video chat free of charge.


Built upon Amazon Web Services, Tiiny Host provides a very reliable service to host and catalogue your e-learning courses.

Self-Hosted LMS

Get set up in just 3 steps

1. Zip up your PDFs

It doesn’t matter where you designed them, just zip up your e-learning course PDFs and

2. Enter a link name

Name your self-hosted LMS

3. Click “Launch”

That’s it! Your self-hosted LMS is now populated with your e-learning courses

Easier to host than

Popular self-hosted LMS providers




Forma LMS


E-learning courses you can host with us

Interactive PDF Courses

Our PDF viewer is universal and supports interactive features. Just export your e-learning course as a PDF and upload it to share with your audience.

Health And Safety Courses

They’re ubiquitous, your audience hate them and you’re constantly trying to improve them. So why should hosting them be so difficult? Ensure that your students ACTUALLY complete the training with our certificate solution.

Corporate LMS

Most corporations require mandatory training to be completed every quarter so why make the task more onerous than it needs to be? Speak to us for an enterprise agreement that works for you and gives your employees their time back.


How To Share A PDF As A Link

Why would you want to create link to a pdf? Great question! It’s very common to share a PDF via email. However, that requires the recipient to download and save the PDF to view it. It’s also difficult to share a PDF to a large audience (100+) through email...

Frequently asked questions

What Is A Hosted LMS?

A hosted learning management system (LMS) is a means of easily organising your e-learning content. It optimises delivery and allows users to navigate between courses with ease.

Where Is A LMS Hosted?

A self-hosted LMS is located on a server. Traditionally, these can be expensive to set up and maintain. Hosting-as-a-service means you can rent space on a server, negating the need to own one.

Is LMS A Cloud?

LMS itself stands for “learning management system”, but you can get LMS hosted in the cloud. A cloud-hosted LMS is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

LMS Hosting With Tiiny Host