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Tiiny Host is a simple and efficient hosting service for your react.js app. React's built around the idea of simplicity, and so are we. Simply drag and drop your react.js build output to deploy it in seconds. There’s no easier way to host and share your react app with the world.

How to host your react.js app

Deploy your React app in 3 simple steps

1. Zip Static Files

First, compress all your static ReactJS files in your build folder into a single Zip file. Your zip file must include an index.html file.

2. Upload Zip File

Head over to and upload your Zip file.

3. Launch

Enter a link name you want and click launch!

Easier to host than

Popular hosting providers




Github Pages

Examples of React.js apps

Useful use cases

Client demos

Communicate effectively with your client by easily uploading demo versions of your web app. Just drag & drop the static files and share them the live link.

Live testing

Quickly test your locally running React app online in seconds. See how your app really runs in a live environment on different devices and easily share it with testers to make sure it's bug-free before you go live.

Web apps

Host your full React JS web app under your own custom domain. We'll automatically provide you with an SSL certificate and a CDN, keeping your site secure and loading fast globally.


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Frequently asked questions

How can I generate the React JS static files to host?

You typically need to first run the "npm run build" command. This will build your JS app into static files and output them into a "build" folder in your project directory. Next, right-click on the "build" directory and convert it to a single Zip file. Then just upload that Zip file to

Where can I host React app for free?

You can easily host your React app on for free. Simpy drag & drop the static output from your React app and your site will be live in seconds for free. It's easier than all other hosts like Netlify, Vercel and Github Pages.

Can I host a React app on Cpanel?

Yes, you can through the CPanel file browser. Your React app static files need to be uploaded in the public_html folder. A simpler solution is to just drag & drop your static files to

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