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There are many steps involved to host a VitePress website. It’s challenging and the process can become too difficult to execute. Tiiny Host gets rid of the hurdles for you. Drag and drop to deploy your VitePress and let Tiiny Host do the hard work for you!

🧘 Drag And Drop Upload

Skip all those difficult coding! All you need to do is drag and drop your files and your VitePress Site will be launched in seconds.

⚡ Speedy

Unnecessary to dynamically update or database calls the page before rendering, they're instantly available.

🤑 Free To Try

Try us out for free, no need to sign up for an account to publish your VitePress site online with Tiiny Host.

👨‍🔧️ Reliability

Tiiny Host pre-renders pages, which bring consistent experience for users every time. Also, no servers mean less failing and going offline to interrupt user experiences.

📊 Website Analytics

Tiiny Host provides you analytics about the number of visitors and where they’re coming from.

⏳️ Permanent Hosting (Pro Plan)

Host VitePress sites for as long as you want with our Pro Plan.

Deploy Your VitePress

In 3 Simple Steps

1. Zip Static Files

First, zip all your static files into a zip file. Your zip file must include an index.html file.

2. Upload Zip File

Head over to and upload your zip file.

3. Launch

Enter a subdomain name you want and click launch!

Easier To Deploy Your VitePress

Than Popular Hosting Providers




GitHub Pages

Deploy These VitePress Projects With Just A Click

Landing Pages

A landing page focuses visitors’ attention on the content.

Simple Sites

Easily publish and share your VitePress Site for business or educational purposes.

Web Apps

Some examples of popular web applications that you can make use of are webmail, online calculators and online stores.


Useful Resources For Deploying VitePress

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When it comes to the ultimate categories of websites on the internet, there are two kinds to know about - static and dynamic websites...

Should You Go With A Static Or Dynamic Site?

Whether you need a static or dynamic website is determined by how you want to render your site for your visitors. This can have a huge influence on the speed of display of your web pages...

Frequently asked questions

How Do You Deploy A Vite Project?

There are many tools to help you host a Vite project. Each has their own way to do so. Tiiny Host is proud to be the easiest and quickest tool. You don’t have to write any codes or choose the correct base anymore, Tiiny Host will do it all for you!

What Is VitePress?

On top of Vite, VitePress is a static site generator powered by Vue. In its documentation, it is referred to as "the little brother of Vuepress" (which uses VitePress). VitePress provides a lightweight substitute for Vuepress as Vue's static site generator, while it's not meant to totally replace it. VitePress's specificity and minimalism will make development simple for the majority of applications, such as documentation and straightforward websites.

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