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6 best static site generators in 2023

Static site generators are not new, but they are becoming much more popular again as the web matures. This is due to the need for speed, the challenge of security, and the constant ne...

In static, site, generators, Feb 21, 2023

What is a Headless CMS?

A headless CMS sounds scary, but it’s not.

In static, headless, cms, Feb 19, 2023

How to Build a Static Website

Once you’ve been properly introduced, a static website could be your friend for many of your website experiences.

In Feb 19, 2023

PDF to HTML Converters

Face it. The only way to convert a PDF file to an HTML webpage is to use a PDF-to-HTML converter. Once you pick a converter, the conversion process itself is simple and easy.

In pdf, html, converter, Feb 14, 2023

What is Gatsby? Static sites for speed and security

Today, too many websites have two major problems: the web pages are slow to load, and the site itself is vulnerable to hackers and malware. Above all else, your site must be fast and...

In gatsby, static sites, speed, security, Jan 30, 2023

Presenting Reveal JS: A Free PowerPoint Replacement

Reveal JS is an open-source, HTML-based presentation framework. With it, you can create beautifully animated slide presentations without the need for expensive software.

In reveal, presentation, static site, Jan 30, 2023

The Simply Static Plugin — Convert WordPress to a Static Site

At first, it seems like you have to choose: host your blog on WordPress or create a static site with techie tools like raw Markdown and complicated static site generators. But I’ll sh...

In simply static, wordpress, plugin, Jan 22, 2023

Hugo static site generator—more speed and security

The Hugo static site generator is said to be the fastest way to build a static website. But this statement raises several questions:

In hugo, static site generator, security, Jan 22, 2023

What is Publii?

Fast. Fast and secure. That’s what you want your website to be.

In publii, Jan 15, 2023

How to make an online menu and post it

You may have been to a restaurant that offers a digital menu. More and more, restaurants post their menus online for their customers to see. Why?

In Jan 15, 2023