Writing Top NFT White Papers: 8 Key Errors to Dodge

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Writing Top NFT White Papers: 8 Key Errors to Dodge

79% of B2B buyers say they are more likely to share white papers with their colleagues than any other form of content. That’s a big piece of the market that can help your NFT projects reach more people, but 79% can easily turn to 0% if your white paper is boring, or poorly written.

You might be thinking this percentage is no longer relevant in 2022, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. According to Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, white papers give an in-depth take on complex concepts and many buyers appreciate that about them.

But as much as buyers still appreciate white papers, they definitely don’t appreciate long-winded and shoddily written ones.

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But what exactly is an NFT white paper?

A white paper is a document that offers in depth information on a specific industry topic, problem, or solution. It is no different in the NFT industry and can be used to inform the public about new projects.

Think of NFT white papers as a form of business plan. A way to show your team and investors why you think your idea is a good one, and how it will succeed in the market.

How do you write an NFT white paper?

Good NFT white papers are written in different ways, but the universal rule is that they must be well-researched, compelling, and present relevant information. A good rule for writing a white paper that ticks all these boxes is to:

  • Do a lot of research.

If you are writing about a new NFT project, you will need to make a solid argument for why the project was launched, and you can only do that with research and hard facts. Facts ensure that your white paper or the reason for your project is not being disputed by every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

  • Make an outline.

Don’t just start writing without a plan or outline. If you do that, you are going to have a terrible flow. Instead, outline salient points that you intend to expand on in the white paper.

This helps give your NFT white paper the proper structure and direction.

  • Write an introduction that draws people in.

Your first paragraph can either make or break you, as it is responsible for grabbing your reader’s attention.

For your introduction, focus on enticing the reader with details they can’t resist or details that keep them hooked.

  • Optimize for readability.

The details in your white paper should be presented in a way that looks organized and makes it very easy to read. Using bullet points and headings will help you organize the information easily. Visual aids like infographics and charts will also be very beneficial to readers.

You can look at other NFT white papers to help you understand the best way to present your white paper.

  • Revise it as many times as you can.

No one in the history of white papers has ever written a perfect first draft. What makes it perfect is your ability to revise it as many times as possible.

You can also allow others to take a pass at revising it, so they can point out whatever you might have missed.

What are some essential things every NFT white paper should contain?

According to Michael Stelzner, author of “Writing White Papers”, the following things are very essential to writing a great white paper:

  • A statement of problem or challenge

Explain in clear detail, and in a way that resonates with the readers, the issue you are trying to solve. This allows you to grab their attention easily.

  • Statistics, diagrams, and facts

Authority is a critical factor that any successful white paper must convey. Statistics and facts are an easy way to convey authority, so make sure to add them when necessary and as much as you can.

  • A solution

You’ve stated a problem, so it’s only right that you include a solution. Not just any solution, but one that illustrates the benefits that your project presents.

  • Profiles of team members

Including the profiles of team members working on the project helps increase confidence in the project and creates interest. Especially if you have a team member that is a well-known name in the NFT community.

  • The value of the project

You will need to give a breakdown of the price and value of the project, how many tokens are available, and how many you intend to sell. Another important detail to include is where it is being minted.

  • Terms and conditions of the project

This section should include your terms and conditions or a link to a website where they can find the terms and conditions.

  • A project roadmap

Make sure to have a project roadmap or timeline that explains to your investors when your token will be available to buyers and when you plan to launch new versions, if applicable.

What are 8 mistakes you should avoid when writing an NFT white papers?

  • Boring Titles

A title should draw people in and give an idea of what the content is all about. You don’t want to use a title that immediately puts people off or bores them.

A good title should give a taste of the content within and pique your interest from the beginning. You don’t want to use a title that sounds like 100 other titles you’ve heard before. That automatically makes people think that it’s like the same old boring white paper that they have read before.

A good tip would be to include a number. Having a title like “Five Ways to” implies that it’s a listicle and an easy read.

  • Making white papers too long
A sweet spot for the number of pages should be around 6 to 8 pages. 4 pages of text, and 2 -3 pages of illustrations and pictures for readability.

A common reason why people write white papers that are too long is that they are trying to include a lot of information, sometimes unnecessary, in a single white paper. Avoid doing that. You should be able to write a white paper that has the right number of pages.

  • Poor design and typography

There are very few things that undermine a well-written white paper like poor design and typography.

As much as possible, avoid the following when designing a white paper:

  1. Too many words and characters in one line.
  2. Busy pages with a lot of designs.
  3. Too little or too much space.
  4. Breaking sentences awkwardly.

This way, people are not discouraged from reading

  • Poor illustrations

The project logo should not be the only picture on the white paper. There should be appropriate illustrations that help bring home the message and make the paper look presentable.

  • Writing sentences that are not backed up by facts

In a bid to sell the project, people tend to make bold proclamations without backing them up with facts or numbers. This tends to cause distrust.

As much as possible, you want to include points of authority and references to third-party experts, research, awards, or publications that back up your claims.

  • Salesy white papers

With white papers, people want to be educated and informed, not sold to. Some people create sales brochures and try to pass them off as white papers.

That’s a mistake you should avoid. Instead, position your white paper as the go-to place to learn about all things concerning your project.

  • Poor presentation of ideas
A poor presentation or flow of ideas can be disorienting to readers, so as much as possible, present your ideas in a way that seems interconnected, with nothing out of place.
  • Unprofessional writing

Slangs and unknown lingo are a no-no when writing an NFT white paper, even with how relaxed the industry is. You want to come off as professionally as possible and not sound like someone with no regard for their readers.

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How Do You Host Your NFT White paper on Tiiny Host?

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Voila! Anyone can now view your NFT white paper

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Wrapping Up

NFT white papers are still relevant marketing tools, and they must be seen for marketing tactics to succeed. That is why at Tiiny Host, we have created the perfect home for you to promote your NFT white papers. Get started today!