File Sharing Website: How to Use and Benefit from

Discover the simple sharing and hosting of your web projects with Effortlessly launch your projects online, use custom domains, and more.
File Sharing Website: How to Use and Benefit from is a file-sharing website with a specific niche.

We make it exceptionally quick, simple, and secure to host and share web projects. is tailored for those who want to quickly publish static websites, PDFs, presentations, demos, proof-of-concept documents, portfolios, landing pages, event pages, calendars, restaurant menus, and hundreds more types of projects.

Don’t we all have these needs at times? Who wants to use traditional complex web hosting for the simple sharing of websites or temporary projects?

We at believe that the simpler the hosting and sharing, the better, as long as it’s high-quality, fast, and secure. Oh, and affordable, too.

Don’t you agree?

Let’s look at what makes an excellent choice for your hosting and sharing needs.

Simple, Rapid Web Hosting

This is our innovative approach to solving your hosting issues:

We make it as simple to host an entire static website as it is to drag and drop a single file onto a form. Give your project a name, drag your zipped file onto our homepage, and click the button.

That’s it. Sign in, and your project is live online in seconds.

You can even host files and sites up to 3 MB for free.

Temporary Hosting

In addition to long-term projects, is perfect for temporarily hosting a project that needs to be distributed to several or many people for collecting feedback or giving notification of an event.

File Updates and Editing

You can easily update your temporary site without hassle, even on our free tier.

Plus, both our low-priced Solo and Pro paid tiers provide onsite PDF and HTML editing.

Leaving your project, returning to your local development platform, editing, going back to the site, uploading again… all that is eliminated. Edit and republish in place. Fast. Simple.

Secure Hosting

Our platform is built on state-of-the-art AWS infrastructure, so you know that it is secure from the ground up.

If you require more control over your content, we offer password protection.

Team Collaboration

Our Pro tier introduces teams to your service. You can collaborate on your project and get help and feedback from all your team members.

Your Custom Branding

Only our free tier requires branding. A small banner is placed on your site.

Our paid tiers, beginning at $5 per month, allow the use of custom branding—anything you want (that’s legal)—with no banner. It’s all you.

Custom domain names are supported, of course, with our Solo and Pro tiers. This gives you the complete professional hosting package your site needs.

Built-in Analytics

Paid tiers include site analytics so you can keep track of the visitors viewing your projects. Page views, visitors, sessions, source, and country are readily available with a click on your account dashboard.

Multiple Websites

While our free and Tiny ($5) tiers offer one website per account, our Solo and Pro accounts offer 5 and 12 sites, respectively. And you can go beyond 12 sites if you have numerous projects underway.

Ample Visitor Allowances

Our free tier has an allowed number of visitors per month of 5,000. Each tier increases this number: 10,000–100,000–500,000. That’s per month. This should suffice for most projects. Anything beyond this is negotiable.


Using Zapier, you can integrate your web project or app with thousands of other online apps and services. Ask your developer or our awesome customer support people for help on this topic.

Maximum File Size Uploads

The largest project you can upload for each tier is as follows:

  • Free: 3 MB
  • Tiny: 25 MB
  • Solo: 75 MB
  • Pro: 1,000MB (1 GB) Pricing

I’ve alluded to our pricing tiers throughout this post, and now I’ll give it to you straight.

We offer low-cost, fully professional hosting.

Here are our prices: Our value is hard to beat.

Types of Files and Projects Supported

While I can’t list every kind of project we support—the list is only limited by our customers’ imaginations—many popular uses of our service include the following:

File Types

  • HTML (.html) - Standard web pages.
  • CSS (.css) - Stylesheet files for styling web pages.
  • JavaScript (.js) - Client-side scripts to make web pages interactive.
  • JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg) - Common image format for photographs.
  • PNG (.png) - Image format supporting transparency.
  • GIF (.gif) - Image format for animated images.
  • SVG (.svg) - Scalable Vector Graphics for web.
  • WebP (.webp) - Modern image format for superior compression.
  • PDF (.pdf) - Documents formatted to be viewed identically on any device.
  • MP3 (.mp3) - Audio files.
  • MP4 (.mp4) - Video files.
  • WebM (.webm) - Open video format for the web.
  • OGG (.ogg) - Audio or video format.
  • WAV (.wav) - Uncompressed audio format.
  • Icon (.ico) - Icon files for websites.
  • XML (.xml) - Data serialization files.
  • JSON (.json) - Lightweight data-interchange format.
  • CSV (.csv) - Comma-separated values for data.
  • Markdown (.md) - Text files using Markdown language for formatting.
  • Text (.txt) - Plain text files.

Project Types

Personal Portfolios - Showcasing individual skills and work.

Event Landing Pages - Single pages for events with details and registration.

Small Business Websites - Basic sites for small businesses to provide information.

Product Launch Pages - Promotional pages for new products.

Marketing Campaigns - Temporary sites for marketing campaigns.

Educational Projects - For showcasing educational content or projects.

Blogs - Static blog platforms where articles are pre-generated.

Photography Portfolios - Displaying photo galleries.

Art Portfolios - Showcasing artwork and designs.

Resume Websites - Interactive resumes or CVs.

Documentation Sites - For software documentation.

Conference Websites - Information and schedules for conferences.

Wedding Websites - Details about upcoming weddings.

Invitation Pages - Online invitations for events or meetups.

Charity Websites - Basic information and donation details for charities.

Restaurant Websites - Menus and information for restaurants.

Musician/Band Pages - Showcasing music, tour dates, and merch.

Film Promotional Sites - For promoting films or documentaries.

Book Landing Pages - Promoting and providing information about books.

Online Resumes - Digital versions of professional resumes.

Community Projects - Websites for community groups or projects.

Workshop or Course Materials - Hosting content for workshops or courses.

Digital Business Cards - Interactive contact information.

Theme Galleries - Showcasing web design themes or templates.

Tech Demos - Demonstrating web technologies or effects.

Static E-commerce Sites - Product listings for small-scale e-commerce.

Podcast Hosting - Displaying and linking to podcast episodes.

Newsletter Archives - Storing and displaying past newsletter issues.

Project Documentation - Documentation for personal or open-source projects.

Annual Reports - Static pages for annual company reports.

As you can see, we are a very versatile hosting service.

Sharing Your Web Project

It’s important to note that you can quickly share your website or project with just a click or two.

From your dashboard:

  • Click to copy the unique URL (web address) linked to your website.
  • Click to copy a QR code, which is a visual link to your site. Scan the QR code with a smartphone, tap the button, and your visitor is transported to your site.

Now, you can use the link or QR code in email, social media, websites, discussion boards, professional chat apps—wherever or however you need to reach your audience.

Next Steps is the simplest way to host and share your web project.

But we don’t sacrifice power, security, or usefulness. We also offer the most competitive rates possible, including free.

If you have questions about our service, web hosting, or anything raised by this article, we’re happy to talk with you about them.

Visit for access to our excellent customer support. Customer support is free, even for those without a Tiiny account.

Or, Visit today and try us out for free.

FAQ: File Sharing Website

How do I get started with

To get started, simply zip your project files (except for PDFs) and upload them to the platform. After uploading, your project will be instantly hosted and accessible through a unique URL provided by

Is free to use? offers both free and premium plans. The free plan is perfect for testing its capabilities or hosting small projects, while premium plans provide additional features like custom domains, increased file size limits, and advanced analytics.

Can I use for commercial projects?

Yes, can be used for commercial projects. For extensive commercial use, it’s recommended to consider their premium plans, which offer more features and greater support for high-traffic sites.

Can I use a custom domain with my project?

Yes, custom domain integration is available on’s premium plans. This feature allows you to personalize your project’s URL and strengthen your brand’s presence online.

Is my content safe and secure on

Security is a priority for The platform takes measures to ensure that your content is stored securely. They also offer password protection for those sites requiring it.