File Hosting: Making Life Simpler for Customers simplifies file hosting. Learn of easy file sharing, flexible subscription tiers, and offering client interactions with simplicity and efficiency.
File Hosting: Making Life Simpler for Customers

File Hosting: Make Life Simpler for Your Customers and You

Sometimes, you don’t know how to simplify your workflow.

If you could, your work and life would be easier, more productive, and more profitable. has helped many corporate, medium, and small businesses streamline their file hosting and sharing. An improved, more efficient workflow makes life simpler for you and your customers.

You save time, money, and aggravation. Now, use this time and money to do more creative work with less drudgery. And leave your aggravation behind.

Everybody’s busy. We know that. So, we specialize in making web and file hosting as quick and secure as humanly possible.

Before reading the following story, please understand that we make it possible to publish your projects to the web in seconds, not minutes, hours, or days, like traditional hosting. That’s part of what makes us unique.

Let’s look at what other companies can offer.

  • There are free file hosting options, but you may not get the human-friendly web address you need—including your company’s custom branding. They also often require developer-level skills to accomplish anything constructive.
  • There are dedicated file-hosting sites that require expensive annual subscriptions. They offer so many options that the interface is difficult to use, and the customer must sign in to receive a document.

File Hosting with

We make file hosting as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Name your project
  2. Drag and drop your zipped or PDF file onto our homepage.
  3. Sign in for a free account.

That’s it. In seconds, your project is live online, ready to share.

Let’s see how this process plays out.

I’ve compiled our customer feedback into a story. The company, ProsePros Ltd., is fictional, but the facts are real.

Read now how your company can benefit from’s simple, secure, yet professional services.

A Typical Tiiny Story

ProsePros Ltd. (PPL), a small but busy copywriting agency, encountered a familiar hurdle in their operations: the efficient sharing of multiple drafts and completed work with their clients and collaborators.

Unlike companies requiring the transfer of many large multimedia files, PPL dealt with a high volume of mostly text documents—research, drafts, final submissions, and feedback. Some documents contained graphs or images, but not many. This seemed like an easy case to solve, but things can change quickly.

The traditional method of using email attachments was proving cumbersome and disorganized. Their customers complained, leading PPL to search for a simpler, more efficient solution.

After struggling to find a low-cost yet easy-to-use professional service, they stumbled onto claims they are the simplest way to host and share your web projects. PPL put this claim to the test.

Tiiny’s platform stood out for its simplicity and straightforward approach, distinguishing itself from other complex or costly alternatives.

With’s automatic hosting service, all PPL’s people had to do was name the project, drag and drop the file(s) they wanted to share, and click a button. After signing in, their file was live online in seconds.

Wow! That was fast. The claim was proved. is simple and efficient.’s free tier, which accommodates files up to 5 MB, was perfect for PPL’s individual articles or smaller batches of documents. They could almost instantly share their files with their customers for as long as they wanted at no charge.

However, their projects soon grew in complexity and size, requiring the sharing of extensive research packets alongside multiple drafts. The need for more space became apparent.’s paid subscription tiers offered the needed flexibility

The Tiny tier, at $5 with a 25 MB limit, matched most of PPL’s requirements, enabling them to share larger documents efficiently

For more comprehensive project files, the Solo tier at $13, supporting up to 75 MB, provided ample space without complication.

When the hosted filesize grew again, the Pro tier supported project files up to 1,000 MB.

What PPL valued most was the ease of access for their clients.

Tiiny removed the cumbersome sign-ups and intricate, multi-app upload and download processes, streamlining the feedback loop significantly.

A simple link was all clients needed to access the files, enhancing the overall collaborative process. For privacy and security, all tiers above Tiny offer password protection and other advanced features. This was perfect.

The new-found efficiency transformed PPL’s workflow.

PPL’s document sharing became streamlined, allowing the team to focus more on crafting compelling copy rather than logistics.

Their clients appreciated the ease of access, organization, privacy, and security. They were impressed.

All this improvement positively impacted PPL’s professional image. They saved money and stress with a better workflow, and the word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied clients helped grow their customer base.

For PPL, evolved from a mere file-sharing tool to an integral part of their operational toolkit, simplifying collaboration and ensuring document sharing was as seamless as their writing.

This allowed the team to concentrate on what they did best, confident that their document-sharing solution was the simplest and most professional on the web.

Next Steps is the simplest way to host and share your web projects.

Try us out for free today.

Check out our advanced professional features on our Tiny, Solo, and Pro tiers.

Do you still have questions? Visit to reach us by chat or email.

We look forward to making your workflow (and your life) simpler.

FAQ: File Hosting

How does simplify the document-sharing process?

With, sharing files is as simple as uploading your document and sending a link to your client or collaborator. There’s no need for recipients to navigate complicated sign-up processes or downloads, streamlining the feedback and collaboration process.

What file size limits does offer? offers several tiers to fit different needs: the free tier allows files up to 5 MB, the Tiny tier up to 25 MB, the Solo tier up to 75 MB, and the Pro tier accommodates files up to 1000 MB.

Is suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely. is designed to scale with your needs, making it perfect for small businesses that require a flexible and efficient way to share documents with clients and collaborators.

How does benefit client interactions?

Clients appreciate the simplicity and ease with which they can access files. There’s no friction or frustration in downloading documents, which can significantly enhance the client’s experience and your professional image.

Can handle multiple file formats?

Yes, supports a wide range of file formats, allowing you to share text documents, images, PDFs, and other common file types. You can also zip multiple documents and view them individually.