Webflow vs. Wix vs. Tiiny.host: Which is Best For You?

Explore the key differences between Webflow, Wix, and Tiiny.host to determine the best platform for your website needs, from ease of use to customization.
Webflow vs. Wix vs. Tiiny.host: Which is Best For You?

Searching for a website building and hosting strategy?

What do you need? What’s best for you?

The three platforms we’ll cover today represent the most popular ways to build and host a website. But there are big differences between their approaches.

I’ll help you decide which approach is best for you.

Let’s look at each of them and compare their features side-by-side.

Then we’ll decide: Webflow vs. Wix vs. Tiiny.host?

How the Comparison Works

Each feature we look at has a section of its own. Within each section, I’ll point out the benefits and target audience.

After the feature comparisons, I’ll end with a recommendation, followed by links for the pricing of each platform.

Note that Tiiny.host is our service. I’ll be as objective as possible. It’s your website that matters.

Let’s begin.

User Interface

Wix: Graphical drag-and-drop, template-based interface suitable for beginners.

Webflow: Visual editor with advanced design capabilities, catering to designers, developers, and those with intermediate to advanced technical skills.

Tiiny.host: Simple drag-and-drop interface for uploading and hosting static websites, files, and PDFs, suitable for any user, including those with limited technical skills.

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Wix: Offers a limited free tier. Paid plans vary in price, generally affordable for small businesses and individuals.

Webflow: No free tier for full websites. Plans are more expensive, targeting professional users and businesses. Complicated websites get expensive quickly.

Tiiny.host: Known for being budget-friendly. Host one website for free. Offers low-cost subscription tiers with advanced professional features.

Design Flexibility

Wix: Offers a wide range of customizable templates but is less flexible in detailed customization. Addition of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is limited.

Webflow: High level of design customization, almost like working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly while remaining in a visual editor.

Tiiny.host: Since websites are developed offsite, you have complete control over website design and function. While having no featured design tools itself, it does offer code, file, and PDF editing.

Technical Skill Required

Wix: Low. Designed for users with no coding experience.

Webflow: Moderate to high. beneficial for those with web design and development knowledge.

Tiiny.host: Minimal skill level required for hosting. Low to moderate technical skill is required to build the website offsite prior to hosting.


Wix: Primarily a no-code platform with options for minor code additions.

Webflow: While it offers a visual builder, it is also friendly for users who want to incorporate custom code.

Tiiny.host: A no-code platform for hosting. Offers code and file editing features if you need them.

E-commerce Capabilities

Wix: Built-in e-commerce features with various payment options.

Webflow: Advanced e-commerce capabilities with customization options. Price increases as features are added.

Tiiny.host: No native e-commerce features. Static sites use third-party integration through APIs. All sites built this way are fully supported.

Content Management System (CMS)

Wix: Integrated CMS with user-friendly features.

Webflow: Powerful CMS with advanced features and customization.

Tiiny.host: No built-in CMS. Static sites only. Static sites can integrate with third-party e-commerce solutions.

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Code Export Functionality

Wix: No option to export code.

Webflow: Ability to export HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for use on other static hosting services.

Tiiny.host: There is no need to export code as the web code is supplied by the user.


Wix: Websites must be hosted on Wix’s servers. No exports.

Webflow: Offers hosting services. also allows exported sites to be hosted elsewhere as static sites.

Tiiny.host: Specializes in hosting static websites quickly and easily.

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Custom Code Integration

Wix: Limited. Allows for embedding HTML and using Velo for JavaScript. Relys on widgets for custom code use.

Webflow: Extensive custom code integration (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) within the platform.

Tiiny.host: Offers code, file, and PDF editing. It is not a platform for complete website design and creation but for hosting, testing, editing, and sharing.

Target Audience

Wix: Beginners, small businesses, and users looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution.

Webflow: Professional web designers and developers, businesses needing bespoke, custom-designed sites.

Tiiny.host: For users wanting simple, quick hosting for static sites. ideal for small projects, portfolios, landing pages, customer support, and prototypes or testing.

Ease of Use

Wix: Highly user-friendly with a drag-and-drop interface. Ideal for beginners with no technical experience.

Webflow: It has a steep learning curve due to its advanced features but offers a visual editor that’s still approachable for designers.

Tiiny.host: Extremely simple and straightforward for hosting static sites, but requires developing your own HTML/CSS/JavaScript files offsite.

Backend Processing

Wix: Handles backend processing internally. users don’t have direct access to backend code or databases.

Webflow: Similar to Wix, it manages backend processes with more flexibility for integrations and custom code.

Tiiny.host: Does not provide backend processing as it’s designed for static websites only.


Wix: Backend processing opens servers up to potential hacking and malware. This is true of all backend-processing-enabled websites.

Webflow: Same as above.

Tiiny.host: Intrinsically safer, faster, and more secure than backend-processing-enabled sites.

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Wix: Offers a wide range of customizable free templates suitable for various industries and purposes. Perfect for beginners. Accessing advanced functions through the templates can increase the cost.

Webflow: Provides professionally designed templates with a focus on design flexibility and customization. Offers a mix of free and paid templates.

Tiiny.host: Users create or procure their own templates when building their static site. Many free static site templates are available online.

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As you’ve seen, each of these platforms caters to different user needs and skill levels. One of these options can help you reach your web design and hosting goals.

Choose that which best describes your needs

Wix is best for those who prioritize low technical challenges and an all-in-one hosting package. Wix offers a wide range of free templates and a no-code, drag-and-drop interface.

Webflow is for users who need advanced design capabilities and don’t mind a learning curve. If you require a platform that balances graphic interface usability with the option for custom coding, this is for you. Prices are higher, given the design power of the platform.

Tiiny.host is the go-to for many types of users seeking a simple but powerful and budget-friendly hosting solution. This may be your best bet if you or your developer has your static website, files, or PDF ready to go.

Platform Pricing

Wix pricing.

Webflow pricing.

Tiiny.host pricing.

Next Steps

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FAQ: Webflow vs. Wix vs. Tiiny.host

What are the main differences between Webflow, Wix, and Tiiny.host?

Webflow offers advanced design capabilities and code export options, ideal for designers and developers. Wix is user-friendly with a drag-and-drop interface, perfect for beginners. Tiiny.host focuses on hosting static websites and is best for those with static websites, files, or PDFs ready for deployment.

Can I export my site from Webflow or Wix and host it elsewhere?

Webflow allows you to export your site’s code, but Wix does not offer this functionality. Sites built on Wix must be hosted on Wix’s servers. Tiiny.host supports static sites designed on and exported from Webflow.

How does pricing compare among Webflow, Wix, and Tiiny.host?

Wix has a free tier and various paid plans. Webflow’s paid plans are generally more expensive, targeting professionals. Tiiny.host is known for its affordable hosting options and free tier.

How do I decide which platform is best for me?

Consider your technical skills, design needs, and the purpose of your site. Choose Wix for ease of use and no-code building, Webflow for advanced design and customization, and Tiiny.host for simple, static site and file hosting.