Product Landing Page: Instantly Launch & Share on

Launch your product landing page instantly with It’s a simple three-step setup, no technical skills required. Perfect for quick testing and sharing!
Product Landing Page: Instantly Launch & Share on

Your well-designed product landing page needs a home.

This home should provide everything you require to launch and share your product landing page quickly and simply.

You need:

  • Automated, hassle-free hosting
  • A fast, secure, scalable server
  • Instant launch and share
  • Easy page editing
  • Page viewer analytics
  • Free or low-cost subscription benefits

Your product landing page can find the perfect home at

Let’s go through the process to see why.

What is a well-designed product landing page?

A product landing page has a single focus. The focus should be on one product, campaign, or offer.

In designing your landing page, encourage your viewers to take a specific action. Whether you want them to purchase your product, sign up for a newsletter, or download more information, make sure they know clearly what one thing they should do next.

That’s the power of a landing page—a single focus.

Here’s a quality checklist:

  • Design a clean and simple page
  • Feature a clear and compelling headline
  • Write an engaging subheadline
  • Use concise and persuasive copy
  • Highlight user testimonials or social proof
  • End with a strong call-to-action (CTA)

Prepare your product landing page for launch

Before you upload your product landing page for hosting, you must organize the page’s files into a root directory.

Put your single landing page in the root directory and name it `index.html`. Add the resources or resource directories to the root directory.

Make sure all your resource paths point to the index.html file. This way, the server can find what it needs to publish your page.

Compress the root directory into a zip file.

You’re set to go!

Instantly launch your landing page on

You have enough to do. Don’t waste time with website administration duties that can be automated. automates them for you.


It takes only three steps to launch your landing page.

  1. Give your product landing page a name
  2. Drag and drop your zipped landing page files onto the purple-dotted form.
  3. Click “Upload file,” sign in, or register for an account.

That’s it!

After a few moments, your product landing page is live on the web.

It’s really that easy. You can have your landing page online in 60 seconds.

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Comparing Tiiny to traditional web hosting…

  • Eliminates the extra time and effort needed to upload and configure files.
  • Gives you a secure upload without needing obscure SSH apps and credentials.
  • Automates the entire hosting and configuring process in seconds.

Share your product landing page with the world

Use a URL to share

Now that your landing page is live online, you can share its unique URL through email, social media, professional chat, online communities, and anywhere you wish.

Use a QR code to share provides another way to attract landing page visitors. With one click, you can generate a QR code for scanning.

Anyone with a smartphone can point their camera at your QR code and, with a single tap, be taken to your landing page.

Tiiny’s advanced features

You’ll want to do two things after you launch and share your landing page.

  • Study the page visitor analytics
  • Test and optimize your landing page

Built-in page visitor analytics are available starting with our lowest-paid subscription tier.

Here are all the tiers and benefits.

You can have a custom-branded landing page with built-in analytics for as low as $5 a month.

Even more advanced professional features are available in higher tiers. Features include custom domains, HTML and other source file editing, Zapier integrations, and team collaboration.

Your product landing page’s home is well-furnished. built-in analytics

As you can see, the analytics screen relates crucial information regarding the activity your landing page site generates. Analytics are easily accessed from your dashboard.

Testing your product landing page

The goal of your product landing page is to convert visitors. You want them to do something specific. You must track them to verify that they are doing what you want them to do. If your visitors are not converting, you must change something to improve it.

If you have access to your site’s analytics, you can evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your landing page in converting visitors into customers or leads.

Here’s a testing checklist.

Set Clear Objectives

You must decide what you want your visitors to do once they have seen your landing page. Focus on one specific action.

Use Analytics Tools

Integrating tools like Tiiny’s built-in analytics and Google Analytics into your page brings you ample data to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of your landing page.

Implement A/B Testing

A time-tested way to see what is working and what isn’t is A/B testing. Change just one thing at a time. Alter and test your page. Then, alter one more thing and test that. A sequential testing process teaches you a lot about your landing page.

Gather User Feedback

Implement a way to gather feedback from your visitors. You can choose on-page surveys, feedback forms, or various other tools to collect user input.

Assess SEO Performance

An important metric is organic search results. These statistics tell you how many of your visitors arrived from a search engine. Organic search, over time, may account for a large portion of your visitors.

Check for Technical Issues

Ensure that nothing technical is wrong with your landing page, resources, links, or browser compatibility.

Track Conversion Rates

Perhaps the most vital metric to track is the conversion rate. How many of your visitors did what you asked of them? If your conversion rate is low, you must change your page to make it work for your audience.

Next steps

You’ve designed and built a product landing page. You’ve found a good home for it at

But you may still have questions. We’re here to help.

Visit to reach our superb customer service staff by email or chat.

Our customer support is free for everyone, even if you don’t yet have an account with us.

Creating, hosting, and sharing product landing pages is complicated. We can make it easier for you. Just ask.

Better yet, try our free hosting today. You’ll see for yourself.

FAQ: Product Landing Page

What is, and how can it help with my product landing page? is a web hosting service that allows users to quickly launch web pages, including product landing pages, with minimal setup and technical knowledge. It’s ideal for testing and sharing landing pages instantly.

Do I need technical skills to use for my landing page?

No, you don’t need advanced technical skills. is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to upload your landing page files directly and go live quickly.

How quickly can I launch a landing page on

You can launch your landing page almost instantly once your files are ready. The process is straightforward and can be completed in just 60 seconds.