Free web hosting for students

Phil Phil Apr 29, 2020 · 8 mins read
Free web hosting for students
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Are you studying? Have a plan to earn quick bucks using the power of the Internet but can’t afford to create a website. Well, how about starting your website with free hosting?

Saving on products or services on the web is the first step to starting an online business. So it’s good to know that free hosting is an option, but there are a few things you should consider before choosing a service.

If you are not careful in choosing free hosting, you may end up being deceived and end up paying for low-quality services. The free hosting service may perform poorly, include advertisements, and be limited in all aspects.

With a service that is practically unusable, the company may try to “force” you to hire a paid service - and the cheap ends up being expensive. However, after testing several free hosting providers, we found that there are some exceptions - providers with good free hosting plans.

Here is the list of the 5 best free accommodations for students:

  • 000webhost (quick and with good tutorials)
  • 5GBfree (multiple features and easy to use)
  • Tiiny.Host (Super simple static web hosting)
  • FreeHostia (up to 5 domains to host)
  • Byethost (has cPanel in all plans)

All of these providers offer a completely free hosting plan to start, with good quality for those who are just starting out or want to learn more about the area. Below, you can learn more about each one.

1. 000webhost - Best Free Hosting

Undoubtedly 000webhost is the most popular free hosting company in the world. The company believes that it offers the best learning experience for those who want to learn more about the Web. In addition to free hosting, 000webhost also offers several tutorials and guides ranging from the first steps to more advanced questions.

For those who want to learn how to develop with PHP, MySQL, or get to know popular management systems like WordPress and Joomla, 000webhost is an excellent tool. With 000webhost’s free WordPress hosting, 1 GB of disk space, 10 GB of traffic, 2 MySQL databases are available for up to two sites. You can also use the website builder that is included in the plan for free.

The company does not hide its objective - to get customers to upgrade as their sites grow. Performance exceeds even some paid services.

2. 5GB Free - Various Features and Easy to Use

5GBfree is a free hosting with a great focus on simplicity and effectiveness. With a popular control panel and more than 140 applications in the automatic installer, the services can be compared with that of a paid hosting.

As with another conventional website hosting, it is possible to install WordPress and other platforms that use PHP. You probably already have an idea of ​​the disk space offered in the hosting plan - it’s 5 GB -, combined with 20 GB of traffic and up to 3 MySQL databases and use on a single website.

Still, without paying anything, you can host your website for free - and get a good performance.

3. Tiiny Host - Static Web Hosting and Easy to use

Well, this one is the super simple static web hosting, here you can link your domains hassle-free and deploy your websites within seconds.

You can set a lifespan for a live site that you’re testing for example. Once the site reaches the end of its lifespan it will automatically be made offline and saved in your archive. You can then choose to re-launch or delete your website. You can also manually archive a site at any time to take it offline.

Some of its free benefits include: Unlimited live sites for 7 days Upload up to 3mb zips No registration required

Even the pricing is not that expensive when compared to other web hosting giants present in the market.

4. FreeHostia - Up to 5 Domains

The “paradise of accommodation on earth” - is how FreeHostia describes its services. This bold statement is not for nothing - the company offers several hosting services, in addition to free hosting.

The company uses the term “cloud hosting” for hosting services, which means that the company uses servers distributed across multiple data centers, providing a more reliable and secure structure for the website. Cloud hosting also allows plans to be modified more easily, according to the website’s needs.

Hosting also performs well in most cases:

But there are some bottlenecks in FreeHostia’s hosting resources - 6 GB of disk space and only 250 MB of disk space are offered for the site. In addition, it is only possible to send files up to 500 KB - no large images or heavy applications. You also do not receive a free domain, but you can use one already registered.

The performance of the accommodation is satisfactory for visitors who are in the USA.

5. Byet.Host - cPanel in all plans

Offering unlimited resources and its “modified” version of cPanel - VistaPanel - Byethost or Byet Internet Services is yet another option for free website hosting. The creation and activation of the account are quick and within minutes it is possible to access the control panel.

Although the hosting control panel is presented with a different name, the appearance is identical to cPanel. It is possible to point to the domain itself or use the subdomain offered by the company. An automatic installer and a basic website builder are also included with Byethost’s free hosting.

The presentation and characteristics of Byethost’s plans are similar to that of a paid hosting. However, the biggest limitation is visible in the performance in using the panel and the hosted website.

Free hosting as a learning tool

Using a completely new and unknown tool can be quite a challenge. Even if it is a simple and easy to use tool, it will take some time to master it completely.

Paying for a service that you do not understand how it works and will not be able to use its full potential does not seem to be the best option. In cases like this, free hosting can be a great option.

Unlike website creators, even free hosting is less limited. There are more options for creating a website:

  • Install WordPress, Joomla or another CMS;
  • Use a free hosting website builder;
  • Submit your own website.
  • Website hosting is a powerful option - and free hosting can work as an excellent learning tool for those who want to become professional. For example, if you want to use WordPress or learn more about this platform, free hosting is a great option.

How does a company manage to offer free hosting?

But how does a company manage to offer a free hosting service? After all, the hosting provider needs to get a financial return to keep the service viable.

At website creators, we saw that there are several sacrifices to use the service for free, such as the impossibility of using your own domain or migrating the site to another platform. What about free hosting providers?

Apparently, several of the hosting providers see this as an opportunity to teach inexperienced users and expect them to create brand loyalty, so they can upgrade to a paid plan when the need arises.

Like website creators, you will receive an address like - a subdomain of your hosting provider - and you will have to pay an additional fee for domain registration. However, if you already have a registered domain, it is possible to point to the hosting provider and use it on your website without paying any more.

However, a free hosting provider like 000webhost provides the option to control your website’s directories and files. This means that you can modify, delete, and migrate your website’s files without any restrictions.

What is the best free hosting?

As you can see, free hosting services really work and that there are good options to start a website without having to spend. But what is the solution for those who need a more robust and reliable hosting, to meet the needs that go beyond basic use?

However, we know that free hosting is simply not able to meet the basics. For larger projects, you will need a more robust and reliable solution - paid hosting. Fortunately, there are affordable and high-quality options on the market.

In short: if you are just starting out, it is okay to choose free hosting to learn more about the area. However, if you want to host a professional website or your company’s website, consider hiring a paid hosting plan.

We hope this article has been helpful for you and will help you choose the best website hosting for your website.

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