House Manual: Create an Airbnb Property Guide for Guests

Create an Airbnb house manual. Learn what to include for a welcoming and informative property guide. Host your house manual free online with
House Manual: Create an Airbnb Property Guide for Guests

Having stayed at several Airbnbs in my time, I must say:

You need a great house manual.

After the thrill of seeing your space dies down just a little, your guests want to know how everything works.

You must provide them with the user guide for your space. That’s what the House Manual is.

Usually, I see a laminated Welcome Sheet waiting in the entryway or the kitchen. Near it is a three-ring binder. Both are welcome sights.

From these two items, I can tell that the owner cares enough about our needs and comforts to answer our questions before we even ask them.

If you haven’t yet created these great guest welcoming gifts—a Welcome Sheet and a House Manual—this article is for you.

So, let’s get started.

Your One-Page Welcome Sheet

The Welcome Sheet is typically left in the entry or kitchen for the guests to find easily.

Having something physical in the space for your guests’ immediate use is essential before the Wi-Fi is turned on. The Welcome Sheet is a quick reference guide to their surroundings.

If you create a digital Welcome Sheet, it can be accessed through the Airbnb app before they arrive. This helpful step makes arriving at the destination smoother with much less anxiety.

Key Welcome Sheet Contents

  • Contact Information: Quick access to the host’s contact details and emergency numbers.
  • WiFi Details: Network name (SSID) and password.
  • House Rules Snapshot: A brief overview of the most critical rules.
  • Local Eats: One or two top restaurant recommendations.
  • (Optional) QR code linked to online House Manual.

Your Full House Manual

Complete, detailed information is put into a three-ring binder or, better yet, online—or both. You never know what your guests might need.

Key House Manual Contents

  • Detailed Contact Information: Including backup contacts and local emergency services.
  • Detailed House Rules: Comprehensive explanations, including check-in/out times, smoking policy, etc.
  • Appliance Instructions: Step-by-step guides on using property amenities.
  • Local Guidebook: A broader dining, shopping, and attractions selection.
  • Transportation Tips: Detailed public and private transport information.
  • Safety Information: Detailed emergency preparedness instructions.
  • Troubleshooting: How to handle common issues.
  • Checkout Instructions: Checkout time and related policies.

How to Share Your House Manual Online

When you create your house manual and welcome sheet, you’ll likely do it online (like on Canva) or on your own computer for ease and quality.

Do this:

Save your finished Welcome Sheet and House Manual as a PDF or image (like JPG or PNG).

Visit’s homepage.

  1. Provide a name for your House Manual in the link-name field, or leave it blank.
  2. Drag and drop your House Manual file onto the form.
  3. Sign in or register for a free account. (Yes, you can host one file for free.)

Click a button, and in seconds your House Manual is live online and ready to share.

You can also make your manual available through the Airbnb app, email, social media, or anywhere on the web.

Using a QR Code On Your Printed Material

With a bit of preparation, you can host your House Manual online and then use a QR code to link your physical Welcome Sheet to the online manual, automatically sending your guests to the web to find your most recent information using only their smartphone.

A QR code is a visual link that is used by scanning it with your smartphone’s camera. Tap the link that pops up, and you are taken to the website. (Try it below!)

Download the QR code from your dashboard, add it to your physical Welcome Sheet, and you’re in business.


  1. You need a house manual for your Airbnb property.
  2. You’ll create a physical Welcome Sheet.
  3. Also, create a longer, more detailed binder or online PDF.
  4. You can host your House Manual online for free with
  5. Print the manual’s QR code onto your physical Welcome Sheet.
  6. Now, you’ve covered all the bases. Your guests can immediately access the information they need in the rental or online.
  7. You’re good to go.

Next Steps

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FAQ: House Manual

What is a house manual, and why do I need one for my Airbnb property?

A house manual is a document or booklet that provides guests with essential information about your property, including how to use appliances, house rules, and local recommendations. It’s crucial to ensure guests have a comfortable, enjoyable stay and know how to respect your property.

What should be included in a basic house manual?

At a minimum, your house manual should include WiFi instructions, emergency contact information, a list of house rules, appliance instructions, and checkout procedures.

How can I make my house manual environmentally friendly?

Consider offering a digital version of your house manual. This saves paper and makes it easy to update information as needed. Your guests can access it in the app. You can send it via email before their arrival or provide a QR code on the Welcome Sheet.

What are some creative ways to present my house manual?

Aside from traditional printed binders or laminated sheets, consider using a welcome video, an interactive web page, or a custom-made booklet with pictures and maps for a more engaging experience.

How often should I update my house manual?

Review and update your manual at least once a year or whenever you change your property, amenities, or local recommendations to ensure the information remains accurate and helpful. It is much easier to update your house manual online than to print out new sheets every time you update the information.