Online Collaboration: Add Your Team to

Discover how to boost online collaboration efficiency by adding your team to Learn the types of projects, pros, and cons of collaboration.
Online Collaboration: Add Your Team to

The online workspace is evolving quickly. Team collaboration is growing, and there are good reasons for it.

Cloud technologies make forming productive teams simple. So does’s Add Team Members option.

We’ll discuss online collaboration’s project types, pros, and cons.

But first, to get your imagination started, I’ll explain how works so you can envision your team amplifying your efforts with online collaboration.

How Works is the simplest way to host and share your web projects.

Simple means time-saving, inexpensive, fast, secure, and professional. All these elements are necessary in today’s online atmosphere.

Simple also means exactly what it implies: extremely quick and easy to use.

Let me demonstrate with a free real-life example you can try yourself.

Using for Free

Try this yourself:

Choose a file, such as a PDF, to host and share for free on You can upload a file up to 3 MB in size.

NOTE: This 3 MB limitation is only for our free tier. Our paid subscriptions allow files up to 1000 MB (1 GB).

Visit’s homepage.

Now, take these three steps:

  1. Provide a name for your hosted file, one that will be part of the web address (URL) that you share with others.
  2. Drag and Drop your PDF file onto the form. The file will upload manually without any unncecssary configuration or hassle.
  3. Click the “Upload file” button and sign up for a free account.

When you’re done with these steps, you click one more button, and in seconds your file is live online and ready to share.

That’s it. Simple.

Sharing your new project website is simple, too.

  • Once online, you can copy your website’s unique link with a single click. Use the link anywhere you wish to share it—email, social media, professional chats.
  • One click also gets you a QR code, which is a visual link to your unique web address. Your recipient uses their smartphone to scan the QR code, taps the link, and is transported to your website.
  • You can also embed your website into an appropriate HTML page. This is handy for collaboration. Advanced Features

Our “as simple as possible” philosophy extends to all our advanced features.

Team collaboration is available on our most generous Pro tier.

Here is the list of what our Pro tier supports:

• 12 active projects

• 1,000 mb file uploads

• 500,000 visitors /mo

• Remove banner

• Custom domains

• Built-in analytics

• Edit mode—HTML, PDF, more

• Password protection

• Capture emails

• Add team members

Team members have all these advanced features available to them after secure sign-in. With up to 12 active projects at a time (more if you wish. Contact us) you can have many collaborators adding, editing, improving, and sharing your projects.

Types of Online Collaboration Projects

Once you’ve added to your efficiency workflow, there are many opportunities for collaboration.

  • Edit mode: HTML, PDF, and text editing, updating, and sharing.
  • Demonstrate small and temporary projects for customer feedback.
  • Image sharing. Multiple files can be uploaded per project.
  • Custom branding of your projects, including custom domain names.
  • Analyzing web project metrics such as page views, visitors, sessions, and more.
  • Applying password protection to any or all of your web projects. Keep “for your eyes only” projects secure.
  • Use our Capture Emails feature to offer downloads (like lead magnets) when someone enters their email address.

Pros of Online Collaboration

Online collaboration has many benefits.

  1. Team members access projects from anywhere, anytime.
  2. Reduces physical office space and associated costs, including travel.
  3. See updates and changes to projects in real time.
  4. Simple sharing and editing of projects. Eliminates constant emailing, potential duplicates, and version problems.
  5. Manage projects more efficiently, tracking progress and deadlines.

Cons of Online Collaboration

It’s true, online collaboration isn’t perfect. Here are some disadvantages.

  1. Nuances and non-verbal cues in text-only communication can potentially lead to misunderstandings.
  2. The volume of digital communication can be overwhelming, leading to important information being forgotten or missed.
  3. Keeping track of employee tasks can be more complicated without physical oversight.
  4. Proficient with digital tools may require additional training.
  5. Differences in team members’ skill levels can affect collaboration efficiency.

Next Steps

Online collaboration solves many quality and managerial problems. One of the most important benefits is the time you save compared to traditional online email and phone-based communications that allow only one person to communicate with one other person at a time.

With’s simple automated hosting and sharing, your efficiency rises.

You may have questions about how or online collaboration can help in your particular business.

Contact our superior customer service people. They’re prepared and ready to help you with anything you need.

Try for free today.

FAQ: Online Collaboration

What is is a simple, intuitive platform that allows users to quickly host and share web projects. It enhances collaboration by enabling team members to share their work in real-time, receive feedback, and make iterative improvements.

How do I add team members to my account?

To add team members, log into your dashboard, navigate to the “Team” section, and use the “Invite Members” option. Enter their email addresses, and they’ll receive an invitation to join your team.

What types of projects can my team collaborate on using

Your team can collaborate on a wide range of web-based projects, including PDFs, website prototypes, landing pages, and interactive web applications.

Can we integrate with other collaboration tools or platforms?

Yes, integrations using Zapier are available on our paid Solo and Pro tiers. Zapier integration supports thousands of apps.

How secure is for hosting and collaborating on projects? prioritizes security with features like SSL encryption, state-of-the-art AWS infrastructure, secure project sharing, and password-based access to ensure that your projects and data are protected.