Tumult Hype: No-Code Creation of Interactive HTML5

Discover Tumult Hype, the Mac-based no-code tool for creating stunning interactive HTML5 content. Perfect for infographics, e-cards, presentations, e-books, and more. Unleash your creativity now!
Tumult Hype: No-Code Creation of Interactive HTML5

Tumult Hype is the no-code tool to create beautiful interactive HTML5 content

In a crowded world of web-based web development tools, Tumult Hype is a powerful Mac-based HTML editor that takes pride in enabling you to easily create beautifully rich HTML5 content that can be viewed on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

But it’s not your traditional web editor. Oh no, it’s a lot more than that. Hype is really a HTML content creator enabling you to easily create infographics, e-cards, presentations, e-books and a lot, lot more.

What is Hype?

Hype is a Mac based HTML5 content creator. For those of you who remember Macromedia Flash, the web was once riddled with flashy, media rich animations and interactive content. Websites often embedded Flash content or were sometimes entirely built from Flash to create engaging experiences for visitors in ways HTML was just technically not capable of matching.

However, Flash ultimately disappeared from the internet (for better or for worse) as HTML matured. Cue Hype - the no-code tool that enables you to create the very same beautifully rich content but with HTML5. This means that it can be easily viewed on desktop, mobile and tablet devices and is also way more performant.

Hype’s sophisticated interface is more like a merge between a graphic design tool and a video editor. It’s not your traditional website builder. It’s interface is centered around timelines and scenes to coordinate an interactive masterpiece. Hype is great for creating beautiful animations, animation videos, and other interactive and animated HTML5 content to engage visitors but can also go one step further allowing users to interact with your content.

What can I do with Hype?

The possibilities are literally endless in terms of creating interactive content. Complex animations, eCards, eBooks, Infographics and presentations are just a few examples. You can view examples of work by users here

Some of Hype’s key features include:


You can think of a “scene” the same way you think of a slide in a presentation or a deck. It allows you to separate your content and jump between them during your animations.


Timelines help you sequence elements in your content so that you can easily time when elements appear. They can even be combined with an action to be triggered when a user interacts with your content in a specific way (e.g. clicks a button).


Trigger specific content based on user interactions. This allows you to create rich interactive content such as games, quizzes or complex animations.

HTML5 Content and CSS3 Effects

If you’re familiar with HTML5 & CSS3, Hype gives you the ability to harness all the sophisticated wizardry that comes with both. Create blurs, gradients, shadows etc. to your heart’s content and be reassured that Hype will efficiently translate it to HTML5 & CSS3.

Mobile Ready

Ensure your content looks beautiful across desktop as well as mobile devices with Hype’s built in responsive modes. On a technical level, Hype is also optimized to run smoothly over a data connection which can often lead to a degraded performance.

Tutorials to help you get started

Whilst Hype can seem a daunting a new user, Tumult provide a set of easy to follow tutorials to help you get started with Hype:

Where can I get Hype?

Hype is currently only available for Mac and can be downloaded here.

How can I share my Hype work?

Hype allows you to easily export your content to HTML5. You can then easily publish your work online using tiiny.host.

To export your content from Hype, whilst in the Hype app:

  1. Click FileExport as HTML5Folder…
  2. Locate the hype.html file and hype.resources folder in Finder
  3. Select both by pressing the command key and clicking on the files
  4. Right-click and select Compress to create a zip file
  5. Head over to tiiny.host, drag & drop your zip file and click launch!