Tiiny.host Case Study: Web25

Tiiny.host Case Study: Web25

Web25 had a problem with rising Webflow hosting costs for its web development clients. Tiny.host solved this problem with high-quality hosting, saving them money with an efficient automated hosting service. Excellent and available Tiiny.host customer service saved Web25 time and money.


Saves time and money. No programming, no code. Simple user interface. Updates are live online in seconds. Excellent support.


Eliminates expensive, ongoing Webflow subscription fees per client. Saves money on editing time. Support solves problems quickly, saving money from downtime.


Saves 2-3 minutes per edit. With 35+ clients, that’s a lot of edits. Hosting means simply uploading a single zip file, and then you’re done. Support is available with quick results.

About the Company: Web25

Web25 is a small Webflow-based web development agency in Bratislava, Slovakia, with over 35 clients. They offer a complete client solution: design, hosting, everything.

Web25 needed to replace their clients’ increasingly expensive Webflow hosting with a low-cost, no-code alternative. Although some free options were available, Web25 chose Tiiny.host for its low cost, automated hosting, and responsive customer service. Now, Web25 uses Tiiny.host extensively to create a hassle-free client experience.

The Challenge: Before Tiiny.host

Adam Khaled is a Webflow developer with Web25. He shared their vision.

“We wanted a complete solution where clients just pay the subscription, and we take care of everything. The design, the hosting, everything.”

Web25 began with a complete Webflow workflow. But costs soon got out of hand.

Anyone familiar with Webflow knows their design interface is quickly becoming an industry standard, loved by designers. But Webflow’s hosting service gets expensive quickly. This puts a big burden on small companies like Web25, which must provide a hosting solution for all its clients.

“We were trying to find a way to host a high-quality website at the cheapest cost in order to improve our margin and, at the same time, to make a hassle-free solution for clients.”

It was crucial to avoid charging separately for design services and Webflow hosting. This became more difficult over time because of the escalating cost of hosting Web25’s client load on Webflow. They needed to reduce these costs to keep from raising subscription rates on existing users.

Web25 was built by no-code developers with extensive design experience but who are not web programmers. This situation is common in the Webflow community. They needed a no-code solution like Webflow. But Webflow wasn’t working out.

While researching this issue, Adam found some free alternatives to Webflow hosting services.

However, these platforms required traditional web development and programming skills each time they wanted to make an update to a website. They had to deal with GitHub and Vercel for every edit, which took skills and time they didn’t have.

That was a deal-breaker.

Then Adam found Tiiny.host.

The Solution: With Tiiny.host

“So, I came across Tiiny.host on YouTube, and they were exactly what we needed. In fact, a lot of Webflow developers could use their services.”

To design a cost-effective and time-saving workflow, Adam uses Webflow to develop beautiful client websites. Then a simple export of the site’s files creates the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Tiiny.host’s fully automated hosting platform.

With the exported website in a single zip file, you simply drag and drop to upload that file to Tiiny.host. The client’s website is live online in seconds.

Tiiny.host is the solution Web25 needed.

Web25 also benefits from Tiiny.host’s excellent customer service.

Business-to-business companies need superb customer support that’s available quickly.

“I want to emphasize this point. Customer support is always available and provides the maximum service level. It didn’t take five minutes for them to offer excellent solutions.”

It’s the simplicity of the Tiiny.host no-code platform that matters most. Tiiny.host’s user interface design is very comfortable and simple to use, especially for a person who’s not a backend programmer or a full-stack developer. Support is quick and dependable. Costs are low.

The Results—After Tiiny.host

Tiiny.host is a game-changer for Web25.

It’s a game changer because it lets them save a lot of time and money.

“So for every edit, I’m saving between two to three minutes. I know it might sound small. But I have more than 35 clients. When you are handling a client list this big, speed is very important. So, three minutes matter… I pay for speed.”

The Web25 workflow is now highly efficient. The goal of significantly reducing hosting costs is achieved. Web25 gets great customer support whenever they need it.

So, Web25 now uses Tiiny.host. Problem solved.