How to Create a QR Code for Google Docs

Learn how to generate a QR code for Google Docs easily and for free.
How to Create a QR Code for Google Docs

Our lives have become on-the-go, and it has become necessary to find ways to share information easily and efficiently. QR codes can serve the purpose of the same. These handy, scannable codes can quickly direct users to a wide range of digital content with a single scan.

Why Use QR Codes for Google Docs?

QR codes are versatile and offer several advantages:

  • Convenience: Users can quickly access the document by scanning the code with their smartphone.
  • Efficiency: Saves time and reduces the hassle of typing long URLs.
  • Accessibility: Easy sharing for presentations, educational materials, or business documents.

You can make a QR code through the in-browser option or Both options help you create a QR code for your Google Doc for Free!

Let’s get started!

Creating a QR Code for Google Docs Using a Browser

Adjust Access Settings for your Doc

  • Open Your Google Document
  • In the top right corner, click the blue “Share” button

A screenshot of blank google document used for sample with the "Share" button in the top right corner is highlighted by a red arrow.

  • In the sharing settings window, configure the settings as needed, then click on “Copy link.

For example, I have kept the settings “Anyone with the link” can open and their role as a “Viewer.” You can change the same according to your needs.

A screenshot of a document sharing settings window titled "Share 'Sample Document 1'." Options shown include people with access, general access set to 'Anyone with the link' as 'Viewer', and a "Copy link" button.

  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your browser.
  • Select the “Save and Share” option
  • Click on the “Create QR Code” option to generate the QR Code

This image shows a screenshot of a web browser's menu, specifically Google Chrome. The menu is accessed by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right corner, which are highlighted in red. The "Save and share" option is expanded and highlighted in red, showing further options: "Save page as...," "Install page as app...," "Create shortcut...," "Copy link," "Send to your devices," "Create QR Code" (highlighted in red), and "Cast...".

For this article, I have used Google Chrome, but you might have the option to share directly from the tab link bar in other browsers.

In Brave, it appears like this:

This image shows a Google Docs interface with a document titled "Sample Document 1." The document's toolbar is visible, and a red arrow points to the "Share" button, which is highlighted in red. This button is used to share the document with others, specifically in Brave browser.

Share or Print Your QR Code

Your QR Code is ready to be shared with the world. You can print it, distribute it, and add it to your flyers and presentations.

A screenshot of sample QR Code

You can scan this code and try!

Create using Third-Party website

Follow the first two steps from method one in order to get a link to your document.

Visit any QR Code Maker online


This image displays the interface of ME-QR, a QR code generation website. The page shown is for creating a QR code for a Google Doc link.

Fill in the document link in the desired field and any other optional field if needed.

Generate the QR Code and Use

You can now customize the QR Code if the option is available and use it wherever needed.

A screenshot of generated QR code from third party generator and other customization options.


Create a QR Code for your Google Docs using

You can create a QR code within a few seconds by using