A guide to the 100 Days of Code challenge

Discover the 100 Days of Code Challenge: Rules, Benefits, and Essentials. Boost your coding skills with this comprehensive guide for developers. Start your journey today!
A guide to the 100 Days of Code challenge

If you’re a developer, you might have heard about the 100 DAYS OF CODE CHALLENGE. But if not, then stay tuned. We’ve explained the 100 days of code challenge, its rules, benefits, and all other essentials in this article.

Are you a newbie or a professional in development? If yes, then you need to keep reading! There’s a coding secret hidden for you in this article. This is a complete guide on the 100 days of code challenge. We’ve compiled some of the most substantial and ample benefits of this challenge.

What is the 100 days of code challenge?

The 100 days of code challenge is a skill-polishing challenge for developers. This tech-savvy initiative was started by a Canadian guy Alexander Kallaway in 2016. The 100 days of code challenge is the best initiative for any developer to boost and uplift their coding skills.

Alexander started this 100 days challenge to boost his coding skills. This challenge consists of only two basic rules that are easy to grasp.

What are the Rules of the 100 Days of Code Challenge?

The two elementary rules for this challenge are:

1- Practice coding for a minimum of 1 hour per day. Repeat this cycle for 100 days.

2- Head over to Twitter and update your daily progress with a hashtag of #100daysofcodechallenge

If you’re keen to expand your expertise in coding, then this challenge might be the perfect one for you. It will help you advance your skills.

Why should you Participate in the 100 Days of Code Challenge?

Many developers must be thinking, they’re too busy to do this. But guess what… we all waste our 5-6 minutes every hour during anything that we do. If we sum up those 5-6 minutes, it will be more than 1 hour. Consider saving your time and utilizing this golden 1 hour.

Here’s what we think about this 100 days of code challenge:

“An hour of coding can make your day”

If you don’t understand this, you might haven’t heard the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Because yes, it’s true if you can commit one hour every day to coding for the next 100 days, it can change your entire day. You’ll gradually start to feel more professional and skilled in coding.

What are the Benefits of the 100 Days of Code Challenge?

There are 5 benefits of learning and practicing coding. They are as under:

  1. A person begins to think smartly and work proactively
  2. New paths for new opportunities
  3. Thrive the existing coding skills
  4. Addition of more professionals to the existing community
  5. Makes you stand out from others

1. Begin to think smartly and work proactively

The first and foremost exclusive benefit of this program is that you’ll think smarter than ever before. Programmers are proactive. They are committed and persistent in their particular goals. They have the desire and ability to achieve what they’ve been practicing for.

This challenge lets newbies think smartly and work proactively. Professional programmers are usually trained at it. If you’re new, then learning and practicing programming can be a game-changer for you.

According to MUO, coding leaves 3 positive impacts on the human brain. Coding escalates the ability of the human brain to think better. It further helps people in coming up with appropriate solutions for complex issues.

Fun Fact: Programming not only makes you a better thinker and worker. It even makes you mentally fit and keeps you healthy.

That’s why if you’re a programmer or heading towards the journey of becoming a programmer, this challenge may be the right fit for you.

2. New paths for new opportunities

Coding is an important skill. You don’t only need coding in programming. It can also be used as part of other skillsets. Some jobs are not concerned with programming at all but still require some level of coding.

Thus, coding can be great for opening new opportunities. A lot of employers are looking for coding skills. By learning to code you could have a long list of employers waiting to hire you.

If you’re looking for a stable income with flexible working arrangements then you should gain hands-on experience with coding.

3. Hone your existing coding skills

For a programmer, the 100-day code challenge is a lifesaver. You know why? This is because it allows you to take time from work to practice something that can help you generate some extra $$$.

As professionals, programmers are always busy with their hectic development work. They barely have time to enhance their programming skills. So, this challenge can be a great initiative for programmers.

Taking out an hour from the daily schedule shouldn’t be a big issue for you if you’re eager to become better at your occupation. This will not only help you in becoming better at your skills but will also provide you with an opportunity to get new jobs and earn more.

4. Addition of more professionals to the existing community

As a programmer, you’d already have a network of professionals. This 100 days of code challenge is a major source of expanding your current network. It lets you join hands with more professionals.

Fun Fact: Programmers are never hesitant to ask for help and suggestions.

Programmers are persistent. They are capable of continuously doing the same thing until they achieve their desired goals. In the meantime, they are never too shy to ask for help and guidance from fellow programmers.

If you’re stuck somewhere, then ask for help on Twitter. When you upload your daily progress, you can also add your queries. You’ll be able to get help from the large online community.

That’s why the 100 days of code challenge is considered an exceptional source of networking.

5. Makes you stand out from others

Learning to code and becoming a professional coder will help you to stand out from others. It’s the last benefit in our guide but probably the most important for unconfident people.

If you’re too insecure about your skills and expertise, then this might be a great opportunity to practice and become confident in your skills.

Pro Tip: The more you learn and practice, the more confidence you’ll have in your skills. Learn to learn new skills, implement them and make yourself stand out from the community.

How can you start your 100 days of Code Challenge from Today?

The first and the most important step you need to follow is to take out your 1 hour from your daily schedule. Commit this hour to your 100 days of code challenge.

Set your Learning Goals:

Search for some outstanding courses of coding to get started. Once you type in google “Best Coding courses”, a long list of relevant courses will appear in search results. From there, you can take some help.

Choosing the pricing is up to you and your budget.

Our recommendation would be to first start with free courses.

You can find some great FREE coding courses at Free Code Camp. Hubspot Academy’s blogs are also informational enough to upskill yourself. Make sure to give them a read.

If you wish to get your hands on paid courses. Then try Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera.

Pick the Right Projects for Yourself:

As soon as you finish your courses. Don’t hurry to start practicing. First, choose the right type of project that aligns with your courses.

If you start with the right type of projects, they’ll help you succeed in your 100 days of code challenge. It’s that simple. If you’ve learned about the project on course, you’ll easily excel at it. But if you’ve learned something else and you’ve chosen something else to practice on, then you will keep trying but won’t get through it.

Implement your Learning:

After, you’ve completed some online courses and picked the right course for you. It’s time to implement your learning and test your skills.

Until you test your skills by implementing whatever you’ve learned so far, you can’t succeed.

Make sure you implement all the coding strategies that you learned. Practice them to get a practical idea of what coding looks like.

Implementing the coding strategies will be complex for you in the initial stage, but with a period of 100 days, you’ll surpass the crucial tasks.

Share your Progress:

This is the last and most important step. If you’ve shared the news of joining the 100 days of code challenge then your network will be curious to know your daily progress. So consider uploading whatever you’ve done each day on Twitter with a hashtag of #100daysofcodechallenge. This will keep your community updated.

Each day, you’ll get motivation from the professionals in your network. This will help you in staying committed to your goals and practicing persistently with patience.

We’ve highlighted the importance of 100 days of code challenge. It is not only made for programmers. Anyone having an interest in coding can participate in this challenge. There are only two rules to follow up and excel in this challenge.