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1. Validate your domain

The first step is to validate your domain. This will confirm you own the domain and generate an SSL for you.

Adding your custom domain#

From your control panel, navigate to the Custom Domains section and click Add.

In the popup, enter a valid domain name and click Add.

You can choose to validate a full domain name (e.g. or specifically a subdomain (e.g.

If you choose to validate the full domain, you can later upload sites to any subdomain you want via the control panel and without the need to add further CNAME records.

Validating your custom domain#

After adding your domain, you will then be presented with a CNAME record to add to your domain registrar (e.g. GoDaddy or Namecheap).

Head over to your domain registrar and add a new CNAME record using the displayed values. Example:

NAME: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name and Value may be labelled differently based upon your domain registrar.

Finally, click Validate and you're then ready to connect your domain.


If your domain is not validating, here are some common reasons:

The NAME requires a suffix#

Some domain registrars require you to add the CNAME NAME with a suffix.

For example if the NAME is abcdef try adding the NAME with your domain as the suffix. E.g. Additionally, some domain registrars also require you to add a trailing ., E.g.

Your CNAME updates haven't updated yet#

It can take some time for the CNAME records that you've applied to reflect across the internet. You can use a tool like to check this.

What's next?#

Anything unclear or buggy in this tutorial? Please report it!