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2. Connect your domain

The final step is to add a second CNAME record to connect your domain to your uploaded sites.

We recommend that you add the wildcard symbol (*) as the NAME. This will allow you to upload sites to any subdomain of your custom domain (e.g.

You should see configuration details similar to these:


Alternatively, you can add just www as the NAME or the equivalent subdomain you've added (e.g. if you've added in step 1 then just add abc as the NAME).

Finally, click Done and you'll then find a site created for you in your dashboard to upload content.

Redirecting root to www#

If you would like to host your site on the root of your subdomain (e.g. then we recommended setting up forwarding so forwards to This is a web standard configuration.

This is usually achievable with your domain registrar.

Redirecting with GoDaddy#

In the bottom right-hand corner of the DNS Management view for your domain you'll find a box called "Forwarding". Set that to https:// Permanent (301) Forward only.

Additionally, please delete any "@" A records or "www" CNAME records as this will prevent the redirect.

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