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How to Password-protect a PDF without Adobe

On your computer, you have an important PDF file with crucial information. You need to share it with co-workers and management both inside and outside your company.

In pdf, adobe, password, Jan 04, 2023

An Introductory Guide to Eleventy

For seekers of static website tools, eleventy is a node-based choice for medium to large content-driven sites. Many eleventy sites are heavy on text, such as blogs. But almost any sta...

In Jan 02, 2023

Exporting Power BI to PDF

Power BI is a Microsoft business intelligence and information visualization tool. Exporting Power BI visualizations to PDF is an easy task once you have imported your data and created...

In pdf, power bi, export, Dec 30, 2022

Pandoc Markdown to PDF

Despite the existence of powerful search engines, it’s often hard to find the information you need to solve a particular problem. One problem I ran into was an article assignment to s...

In Dec 01, 2022

What Really Is A Learning Management System?

The all powerful software that can plan, implement and analyse a learning process.

In Nov 08, 2022

PDF Reader Extensions - Which One’s Best?

The best tool for viewing, editing and sharing PDFs.

In Nov 03, 2022

3 Best Free Text Adventure Games in 2023

Text adventure games are making a comeback in 2023. They are easier to make and easier to share through simple hosting. You can play many of them for free online. And they’re fun!

In Oct 24, 2022

Saving a LinkedIn Profile to PDF

There are times when you want to save a LinkedIn profile, either for your own use or to share with colleagues or friends. The best way to share or archive a LinkedIn profile is to exp...

In Oct 17, 2022

Static Site Generators for WordPress

The competition between WordPress and static site generators is unnecessary. Static site generators for WordPress are freely available. There are many ways to combine the forces of th...

In Oct 10, 2022

A Guide to Plotly JS Scatter Plot and Histograms

Interest in interactive graphing is off the charts! Oh, well. Bad pun, but it’s true. In this age of big, medium, and small data, there is a growing need to make all this data visual....

In plotly, js, Oct 10, 2022